Energy Trading

América Energia S.A.

Energy Trading

In addition to trading the energy of the group generation assets, América Energia (Energy) S.A. purchases and sells from several market agents, providing competitive prices, solidity and security in its operations (transactions).

Operating nationwide, America Energia (Energy) trades in various market modalities, being in terms of deadlines, offering contracts of one month or several years, or being in terms of flexibility options, enabling interesting alternative for consumers and generators.

  • Short or long-term contracts.

  • Conventional or renewable energy source.

  • Contracts of Guaranteed Discount in comparison with (respect to) the captive market.

  • Contract options (to be or not exercised depending on certain market conditions).

  • Contract with a minimum and a maximum price.

  • Contract Swap - Exchange of energy contracts involving different periods and different submarkets.

  • Execution of purchase or selling energy auctions and intermediation for its clients.

Contracts adequate (fit) to the needs of each consumer.